Founder Melinda Hooper is an expert when it comes to Martial Arts and knowledge of the Fitness Industry.

Her passion and commitment is helping young girls and women achieve their goals, both physically and mentally.

Melways Women’s Fitness is a Women’s Only Fitness and Wellness Centre.
We aim to empower all women to look and feel their best.  Whether you are a busy mum wanting to get back into shape or a young girl who would like to be empowered, make friends and have fun or have a desire for fitness and looking for a change, we are the perfect centre for you!

Melsways is committed in providing a positive and supportive environment.
We keep all class sizes to a minimum, enabling us to accommodate in reaching every client’s personal goals.    

Sensei Mel

Martial Arts

I am a proud mother of a beautiful little girl Ava, aged 5yo and little Lucas aged 2.  Going through both pregnancy and birth I was amazed at what a woman’s body can do.

But then I learnt that we need to treat ourselves a little differently so that we can recover properly from both, as well as to get our body back, or even better, get it in the best shape it can be for ourselves and our families!  And that is why I started Melsways Women’s Fitness, so that I can help women to get their fitness and health back, whilst being able to get themselves and their confidence back in the process to.

I have competed at various martial arts tournaments and have won numerous State and National titles.  The self-discipline and confidence that our students gain by attending classes is the basis of our programs, yes, you will work out, learn self-defence techniques and be able to kick butt, but it is more to do with how to kick butt in your mind rather than on the street. 

My professional qualifications and experience include:

  • Diploma in Sports Development
  • Diploma Sports Recreation
  • Sport and Recreation, and Fitness teacher at Chisholm Institute
  • Head Martial Arts Instructor – specialising in children’s programs
  • Instructor for The Martial Arts Therapy Program within the Victorian Educational Department


Martial Arts + Personal Trainer

I have been with Melsways since 2015 and bring over a decade’s worth of kickboxing experience.  Since first stepping on the mats at 21 I have attained 2 Black Singlets, 1 in Kickboxing and 1 in Muay Thai Kickboxing.  The intensity, endurance and sense of empowerment that kickboxing provides make it my number one passion for a sport.  I love to get into the biomechanics of the movements to help each student understand how to get the best out of every drill.

I have obtained the following Qualifications:

  • Black Singlet
  • Group Fitness Instructor (Certificate III in Fitness)
  • Personal Trainer (Certificate IV in Fitness)
  • Training Pre and Post Natal Clients
  • Functional Movement: Neck and Shoulder | Core and Pelvis | Fascia and Foam Roller
  • Running Coach
  • Core Yoga

My approach to training is holistic, I believe that you not only need to work and train your body and mind but maintain both and look after them to ensure you can function at your best.


Qualified Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor

Hi, I’m Fi I teach group fitness classes and the kids and teens kickboxing here at Melsways as a Qualified Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor. I enjoy strength training and working my way up the ranks in our Kickboxing Classes as a student here. I have been working with Mel for about 5 years really love the atmosphere we have here. I originally began working at Melsways as a Childcare Worker, I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services with15 years’ experience in Early Childhood.

My fitness philosophy is one of inclusiveness. I believe that all people have a right to move and to feel welcome in fitness. I work to adapt the training I provide here so that everyone can join in. Movement is such an important part of my life that I want to share the benefits with everyone that comes through our doors. I have so much fun instructing my classes while giving you effective workouts to feel stronger.

If you want a class that is serious about movement with a side serving of fun and giggles then I am your girl. I have developed our in house workshop Core Values to better educate our clients on core activation to help everyone get the most out of their training and have completed a certification in Early Postnatal Programming.


Certificate III and IV in Fitness

My passion for health and fitness grew from an early age as I played in multiple sports such as basketball, tennis and athletics. I have a holistic approach to health focusing on the interplay between correct nutrition, regular exercise and rehabilitation in longevity.

These interests have lead me to completing my Certificate III and IV in Fitness whilst studying a Masters of Human Nutrition.

I have aspirations to become a Sports Dietitian with a Strength and Conditioning background to help individuals of all levels reach their personal health goals.

I love being at Melsways as I enjoy being apart of a positive team and environment where women and girls can push each other to achieve their health and fitness goals.

It is an extremely rewarding community and gym to be apart of!


Diploma in Fitness and a Diploma in Sports Development

I started my martial arts journey in 2005 at the age of 16 at Golden Cobra Martial Arts, learning the style Kobura-Do, in which I hold the rank of 3rd degree Blackbelt. It didn’t take me long to find a passion for teaching, specialising in the kid’s classes.

I became a head instructor running my dojo for my own head instructor. I have a Diploma in Fitness and a Diploma in Sports Development. I was also a karate tournament coach and referee. Wanting to broaden my Martial Arts knowledge, I started training at Melsways in 2017 to start my journey to earn a Black Singlet in Muay Thai.

I am now teaching the kids and teens classes again and doing what I love. of their training and have completed a certification in Early Postnatal Programming.


Childcare room

Hi my name is Kylie and I’m 39yrs old.
I have worked with children for 17yrs now and I’m very passionate about my job. My goal is to focus on forming relationships with the parents and the children and earn their trust so they feel comfortable leaving their children in my care.

I also work in Aged Care which I have done for 3yrs and it’s a very rewarding job at the end of the day seeing happy smiling faces when I go home.

My hobbies are Long stitch, cross stitch, going out to dinner with friends and family and just having a great time.

I look forward to meeting new families and continuing to form relationships with the children I already look after.