Although most self defense training does not really advocate the use of violence, having some knowledge of this art form can  help keep the child from being bullied indiscriminately.

If the primary reason for encouraging the child to take up self defense classes is so that he or she will be able to adequately defend themselves, the parent should ensure that this particular point is made clear and further reinforced by the self defense coach.

Having a child who is broadcasting the fact that they are more than capable of protecting themselves or using the self defense knowledge to incite trouble should not be encouraged under any circumstances.

There are several positive elements that can be realized from the art of self defense. One of which is the ability to improve one’s physical shape and condition.

A well build child will be less likely to be the target of a bully thus successfully benefiting the child in that area. There is also the other added advantage of being able to improve one’s self esteem. Also another good disposition to have as this too will deter the bully from making the child a target.

However the child must be able to understand when and where it would be prudent to exercise the self defense approach, as doing so without actually being aware of the bully counter reactive actions could cause the child to sustain even more injury than would otherwise have been delivered.

Therefore the level of self defense capabilities of the child should be adequate to face the possible repercussions should there be a need to exercise his or her expertise in defending themselves. Most parents today would advocate some form of self defense training for their child simply to ensure some level of safety when being confronted by a bully.

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