Exercise is important throughout pregnancy and post-partum.

With our mums and bubs class we wanted to get some expert advice about breastfeeding, nutrition and exercise.

Research has found that moderate exercise does not affect milk supply, milk composition, or baby’s growth.

Common breastfeeding misconceptions include:

You can’t lift weights if you are breastfeeding – many mums do it and studies have found  weight-bearing exercise would minimize bone losses during lactation and decrease the risk of osteoporosis later in life. It is important that you wait for your post-partum check up with your health care professional and take things slowly, easing back into your training.

Doing cardio will dry your milk – exercise can increase the your level of cardiovascular fitness, provide improved blood lipid profiles and insulin response, assist with the feeling of well-being from improved energy and reduced stress levels, enhanced maternal-infant relationship and help to alleviate depression symptoms including post-partum depression.

Eating green vegetables will give your baby running poos’ – breastfed babies all have runny poo that looks a little like half cooked scrambled eggs, however it doesn’t smell, having a sweet smell to it.

Your breasts are too small to have enough milk – the size of your breasts has nothing to do with your ability to produce milk. Your breast size is dependent on how much fatty tissue you have. The larger the breast, the more fatty tissue and vice versa. Glandular (milk producing) tissue in your breast is what really matters. These are connected to the nipple and sit between the nipple and the fatty tissue. Many mothers have gone on to successfully breastfeed even after breast augmentation.

So, for those mums that want to start exercising at the start of the breastfeeding journey, let us know and we can support you to help you to get your body back.

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